re-imagine how the world solves problems

positivio is a mechanism for the world to interact with news in real time and create solutions. Join our list to be the first to know about its launch.

micro-donations. macro-solutions.

Small stones can create an avalanche. So what can a single person do to solve big problems? Simple. They can give one dollar. When the world wants a solution to exist, positivio is the platform to exponentially raise awareness and crowdfund the resources to implement.

positivio is redefining the role of a news platform by pairing stories with quantifiable solutions. Imagine being able to interact with your news, no longer feeling helpless to make a difference.

seamless giving

track your dollar

news with utility

stories + solutions

White dot graphic going from one to two to four dots, showing an expontential multiplying effect.

philanthropy is no longer reserved for the wealthy

positivio has the vision for a new world; one where billions of people have the power to take action. No matter who they are, how much money they make, or where they live, people can join movements to change the world around them. Whether creatively solving a global problem or helping a positive force grow bigger, each and every person is empowered to do so.

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